SNS Real Estate Investment Group was formed when Sam introduced Nate and Steven to one another.   Nate who had extensive multifamily residential real estate experience was interested in expanding into larger commercial property. The three formed SNS in 2018 to create long term opportunities for themselves, friends and family to invest in real estate and reap the long term benefits of tax advantaged income and the security of owning property.

SNS specifically looks for stabilized assets, or properties which have some small value add opportunities. They look for strong geographical markets, and take a very conservative approach in underwriting, which give their investment group confidence in their ability to meet their mission of under promise and over deliver.  SNS has successfully executed on each property is had acquired driving both cash flow, appreciation, and principal pay down.  Each deal is different, but because of SNS’s conservative modeling, it is able to easily attract aggressive financing opportunities for its projects.  SNS values its broker relationship and looks forward to continuing to grow its real estate network.

SNS Property Management is a sister company of SNS Real Estate Investment Group.  Its focus is exclusively to manage properties owned by SNSREI and its partners.  Through Nate and Sam’s extensive service provider network, SNSPM is able to keep low expense ratios for its properties, thereby increase profitability and tenant satisfaction.  At this time SNSPM does not offer outside property management services.



Sam is a serial entrepreneur. He owns and operates more than a dozen businesses in different sectors. He is a lecturer at the university level on entrepreneurship and business and consults with businesses in sectors including e-commerce, shipping and logistics, print marketing, and sales/networking strategies. His extensive negotiating experience in acquisitions plays a key roll in setting up deals for success.

Sam’s extensive track record has created tremendous buzz in the private capital markets of firms and individuals. He is proud to utilize his skill set as an SNS team member and looks at the partnership as his long term calling in real estate.



Nate Mashini has 20 years experience in real estate acquisitions, construction management, finance oversight and property management operations with emphasis on value-add residential properties. Implementing a strategy of capital upgrades, unit renovations and operational efficiencies, he has delivered cash flow and return growth in ongoing and completed projects.

In his role at SNS, Nate primarily leads much of the day-to-day operations of the firm’s properties. Overseeing service providers and managing cost centers without sacrificing quality are some of his major contributions. Nate also takes an active role in the investment process and assists with sourcing, underwriting and executing acquisitions, capital and debt structures, and financial management of the portfolio.

Nate holds a Finance degree from Drexel University and started his career at MasterCard International as a financial analyst. He has founded an e-commerce sales company, a quick service restaurant company as well as multiple real estate investment and management companies during his business career.



Steven has a broad background from his roles as an operating division CFO at Macy’s, as CFO of a private equity owned e-commerce business and numerous consulting projects in established and start up companies. He brings strategic and analytical insight into investment diligence and underwriting. His operational background enables Steven to play a hands-on role in the day-to-day activities of the SNS businesses.

The formation of SNS launched a second career for Steven. Through the investment projects completed to date, and the diligence conducted on opportunities not pursued, Steven has and is continuing to build his base of knowledge and relationships in order to maximize opportunities for SNS and its investors.